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Diaphanous, archival giclée print of original charcoal and pastel drawing, 2023.


Diaphanous won the 2023 Sterling Award at the Minnesota State Fair.


Diaphanous is delicate, light, & etherial. This drawing is a perfect example of where I am going with my art: to draw the figure in such a way as to have it abstract itself. Rethink what the body is, what it is capable of, & examine how defining what you see is not the end all, be all to understanding it.


What is a Giclée Print?

I choose this printing method specifically so that your print will last for years to come!

A giclée print is a museum quality print of an original work that has lasting quality. To be considered a giclée, the print must have been made with an inkjet printer with 11 specific ink types which create extraordinary quality of colors and a high DPI.

Diaphanous Print

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