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Oh Hey There!

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I am a charcoal-enthused fine artist with a BA in Art from Southern Oregon University.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area (where my Belmont peeps at!), I've been a Twin Cities resident for almost a decade. After moving around in California, Oregon, Illinois, Wisconsin, and finally Minnesota, I can say with absolute certainty that "ope" has been added to my regular vocabulary.


I am enthralled with capturing the human form in all its bumps and curves, and fascinated with light play with shadows  which have the effortless capacity to completely transform the body into something else entirely.

Negative space, a focus of mine, challenges you to see outside of the main image, to go beyond depiction and to settle into an open mind - everything in focus intertwines with that which is hidden but in plain site. If only we look a little deeper.

I dabble in various mediums including charcoal, pastels, graphite, and most recently I've become somewhat obsessed with repurposing scrap stained glass. My glasswork is Art Nouveau-inspired, with no two pieces alike. From mini 2x3" original art and large charcoal drawings to plant stakes and window adornments, come say "hey!" and check out my creations when I pop up at art fairs, gallery shows, and breweries/distilleries/burlesque shows in and around the Twin Cities.

My Story

It's quite unusual for a student of the arts to take a backseat to creating for 15 years, but that's what happened!

Ever since I can remember, my entire being has been curious about details. The little things. The parts of life that others may not take notice of, the minuscule tidbits of the visual realm that are there for all to enjoy if you only slow down and take the time to enjoy them.

The pandemic and subsequent shutdown of the entire world left a large mark on everyone's lives, including my own.  After an almost 15 year artistic hiatus after university in 2007/2008, the pandemic helped me realize that art and the act of creation truly is my calling and what I want to share with the world. Without artistic expression, via yourself or experienced through others, there is no life the way we know it. Makers, creators, writers, musicians, artists, performers of all kinds, take the risk to showcase their talents to enrich and challenge the world around them; to highlight beauty, and swath you in sorrow. They challenge us to see outside our own perspectives, prejudices; disrobe us of our comforts and privileges. It also shows us that we aren't alone.

So here I am, taking that risk and loving every crazy minute of it.

Thank you from the bottom of my itty bitty heart for being here, for your support, & for sharing your time with me.

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